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28/9/2018 — Oil and Gas

The media has found a case where a potential emissions reduction plan has been impacted by the Government’s plan to refuse future offshore petroleum permits.

26/9/2018 — Oil and Gas

A new onshore well in the Taranaki was spudded this week and was expected to take 58 days to reach its target zone.

16/5/2018 — Oil and Gas

The timing could not have been better, presenting available farm-in opportunities for offshore permits at a conference that occurred on the day the oil price hit a recovery price peak.

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- NZOG Presentation-Great Southern Drilling Opportunities (2.9 megabytes)

14/5/2018 — Oil and Gas
by Ross Louthean

An American bank may be getting over-zealous about the path of the oil price over the next year but if the current course continues then there may be some challenges for those in New Zealand who claim the death of oil is nigh.

25/4/2018 — Oil and Gas

Cue Energy Resources has appointed a new chairman from the company’s new guard of shareholders.

18/4/2018 — Oil and Gas
Cue appoints new director (Free to View)

A finance executive of the Ofer Global Group will be a new director for Cue Energy Resources.

13/4/2018 — Oil and Gas

Some of the responses by companies and industry bodies against a ban on new petroleum exploration permits may have more Kiwis pondering the future impact.

13/4/2018 — Oil and Gas
by Simon Hartley

New Zealand Oil & Gas will continue push to find a partner or partners for its South Island offshore oil and gas quest but sees the task as tougher now that the Prime Minister has blocked future offshore permits.

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- NZOG announcement. (450.4 kilobytes)

11/4/2018 — Oil and Gas
by Simon Hartley

Former operator of the Tui oil fields, AWE Ltd, has sold down its stake in an onshore exploration permit to parties including a former partner.

6/4/2018 — Oil and Gas
by Simon Hartley

New Zealand Oil & Gas is now trawling for major oil explorers to join its two prime South Island offshore exploration targets.

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