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Bluescope Steel Ltd

1/10/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

Belt tightening and improved iron ore and steel prices for New Zealand Steel produced another improving year for this division of BlueScope Steel.

Includes following attachments:
- BlueScope Corporate Governance Letter (714.9 kilobytes)
- BlueScope annual report (5.0 megabytes)

18/5/2018 — General

Steelmaker BlueScope Steel has entered into a new bonds deal to better deal with its major borrowings.

Includes following attachments:
- BlueScope News Release (304.1 kilobytes)

16/5/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

The key factor behind BlueScope Steel increasing its half year guidance was not operations in Australia or New Zealand but in Ohio in the United States.

Includes following attachments:
- BlueScope Half-Year Release (130.4 kilobytes)

9/4/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

Following the improved performance of BlueScope Steel and some of its subsidiaries – including New Zealand Steel – the company has received a ratings upgrade from Standard & Poor’s.

4/4/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals
by Ross Louthean

A detailed report on sustainability shows that BlueScope Steel is maintaining a war on costs across its total operations, including New Zealand.

Includes following attachments:
- Sustainability report. (5.7 megabytes)

28/2/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

The tough years appear to be over for BlueScope Steel and its New Zealand subsidiary but the company gave a warning that the Glenbrook steel works will have to remain competitive in international markets.

Includes following attachments:
- Bluescope presentation. (1.7 megabytes)
- Bluescope financials. (773.6 kilobytes)

29/11/2017 — Other Minerals and Metals

The new chief at BlueScope Steel has made some sweeping changes in upper management of the now more global steelmaker, which retains ownership of New Zealand Steel.

Includes following attachments:
- Bluescope's new team. (174.1 kilobytes)

13/10/2017 — General

Leading steelmaker BlueScope, which owns New Zealand Steel, had a good year but the company’s outgoing chief executive has the same concern as many Australian captains of industry – soaring energy costs.

Includes following attachments:
- CEO announcement. (42.8 kilobytes)
- Chairman's address. (46.6 kilobytes)

1/9/2017 — Other Minerals and Metals
by Ross Louthean

BlueScope Steel says it will vigorously defend a claim by a party that missed out on purchasing the Taharoa iron sands project.

23/8/2017 — Other Minerals and Metals

The chief executive of BlueScope Steel, who steered the company’s Australian and New Zealand steelmaking businesses out of tough times, is retiring at the end of this year.

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