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4/4/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals
Cost pursuits aid BlueScope’s sustainability
By Ross Louthean

A sustainability report produced by BlueScope Steel Ltd (ASX: BSL) said the company, which has New Zealand Steel as a subsidiary, has relentlessly pursued cost reduction initiatives.

The company, across its operations, has found innovative ways of creating valuable products by re-using material previously considered waste.

Managing director Mark Vassella said New Zealand Steel was the only steel producer in NZ, producing slab, billet, hot rolled coil and value-added coated and painted product for domestic and export markets across the Pacific.

This included manufacture and distribution of the LYSAGHT range of products in Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

During 2018 BlueScope sold the Taharoa ironsands export business to an investment consortium including local landowners. Meanwhile, the company’s Waikato North Head mine supplied ironsands to the steelworks at Glenbrook and a small quantity for export.

BlueScope has operations in many parts of the world but its three biggest operations is Australia through the Port Kembla steel plant and Melbourne head office (6,142 employees at over 100 sites); Canada and the US (primarily through the North Star operations, 3,320 employees), and New Zealand 1,395 employees at six sites).

Offshore operations include China (1,326 employees at five sites), Thailand 884 employees and five sites); Vietnam (515 employees, seven sites), Indonesia (523 employees, five sites); Malaysia-Brunei-Myanmar (489 employees, seven sites); Singapore (83 employees, one site), India & Sri Lanka (seven sites) and a Middle East joint venture.

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