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13/4/2018 — General
Automation a growing role for Trustpower

Trustpower Ltd (NZX: TPW) told a conference this week that automation was playing a greater role in its supply of electricity.

The company told the Infratil Investor Day that 45.7% of all its customer contacts were now serviced without human intervention. Infratil is Trustpower’s major shareholder.

The company said the Chatbot service was receiving customer satisfaction ratings “on par with an agent.” A Trustpower App had been released with 29,000 interactions to date and was achieving high satisfaction& engagement rates.

Trustpower said on key regulatory issues in NZ the current electricity price review should focus on barriers for transition to a low emission economy and the growth of new technologies.

The review was also an opportunity to fine-tune governance in the industry.

“In the generation and retail sector, we think the focus should be on promoting competition and not on ex-post assessment of overall investment efficiency.”

Trustpower said that in the lines sector, the focus should be on delivering the lowest possible prices for consumers while delivering a reliable service, fit for the modern economy.

Trustpower has 273,000 electricity connections, 38,000 for gas and 88,000 for telcos. Also, more than 100,000 customers have more than one product.

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