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16/4/2018 — General
Contact has lower March result

The month of March saw lower power and gas sales for Contact Energy when compared with the same month last year.

Contact’s March month report said electricity and gas sales were 603 GWh, compared to March 2017’s 621 GWh.

The netback was also lower at $86.51/MWh compared to the previous $77.94/MWh, while the cost of energy was $25.07/MWh compared to $24.77/MWh.

Contact said that as at April 11, South Island controlled storage was 110% of mean which was a lift on the end of month’s 107%, while North Island storage was 144% of mean on April 11, down on March 31’s 152%.

Contact said the cumulative 12 months demand from April 2017 was 41.068 GWh, which was 1% higher than the prior 12 months.

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