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11/5/2018 — General
Mining’s key role for Downer

The mining division of diverse construction and transport company Downer EDI Ltd (ASX & NZX: DOW) now has annual revenue of $A1.4 billion ($NZ1.51 B) and employs about 5,000 people.

This point was made at the company’s Investor Day yesterday, with operations swelled by the control block taken in Spotless Holdings Ltd (ASX: SPO) which now has annual revenue of $A3 B and employs 36,000, mainly in industrial cleaning and catering in Australia and New Zealand.

The presentation said the mining division undertakes work in open cut and underground mines, blasting and also asset and tyre management. Contract mining takes place on open cut coal, iron ore and gold operations in Australia, and underground mining in Australia, Papua New Guinea and South Africa.

One of the advancing areas was technology investment in autonomous operations and remote analytics.

In recent times Downer has won $A400 M worth of new customer work in core markets and over $A100 M of work through joint bidding.

In New Zealand there has been increased activity on roads, rail, port, airport and open space management, while in the utilities area there has been work on power, gas, water, technology and communications. There has been outsourcing opportunities in power distribution.

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