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4/6/2018 — General
Lower loss for Aorere Resources

The diverse resources sector investor Aorere Resources Ltd (NZX: AOR) had a lower loss from its portfolio in the year to March 31.

Once again the strongest investment for the company was its equity in Chatham Rock Phosphate Ltd (TSX-V; NZX: CRP), and Aorere said it represented 51% of its assets and it was ranked as Chatham Rock’s third largest investor.

The trading result for the year was a loss of $528,000, compared to the previous year’s loss of $528,000.

Aorere’s second largest investment was in the TSX-V listed Asian Mineral Resources, and that company post year end sold its nickel mining assets in Vietnam and was set to receive revenue from the sale of this asset.

Aorere’s report repeated the fact the company was interested in battery technology and said it held a modest investment in a TVX-V company with “significant development upside as a producer of a battery technology-related commodity.”

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