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8/6/2018 — Conference Special
Vector joins mPrest in Australian market

The mission-critical monitoring, control and data analytics software company for the industrial market, mPrest, has moved into the Australian market with listed New Zealand power company Vector Ltd (NZX: VCT).

The joint team will support the local Australian utility market in migrating towards “a more intelligent grid.”

mPrest's smart utility applications are based on flexible micro-services architecture, combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to asses and predict utility loads, and market dynamics in real time.

It was claimed this week that mPrest's grid modernisation systems address critical areas such as asset management, distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) and what is called critical event management.

Chief commercial officer for mPrest, Ron Halpern said: "We are excited to be entering one of the most advanced green and renewable energy markets, empowering customer choice toward smarter and cleaner energy.”

Halpern said the company’s solutions are revolutionising the Internet of Energy market and the way utilities manage their resources and processes.

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