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28/11/2018 — General
EV expert in New Zealand

Politicians and business leaders will meet with the Secretary General of the Norwegian Electric Vehicles Association, Christina Bu, this week in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington.

This comes from a combined initiative of Meridian Energy Ltd (NZX: MEL; ASX: MEZ), the Drive Electric organisation and the Government agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

Meridian said she will share her insights on what New Zealand can learn from Norway’s conversion to electric vehicles (EVs).

The EV car transition in Norway has reportedly reached 40%.

“There is massive disruption in the mobility sector. Apart from what is happening in Europe, China is fast moving into the electric vehicle market with more than 5.1% market share and advancements in software,” Ms Bu said.

Meridian chief executive Neal Barclay said: “More than 90% of New Zealand’s transport emissions come from road transport, making this sector one of the most emissions intensive in the world.

“Electric transport, combined with our large proportion of renewable energy, provides us with a unique opportunity to significantly reduce our emissions and combat climate change.”

Bu arrives in New Zealand directly from Chile, it will be the end of a busy 2018 for Bu, having been keynote speaker and panellist at high profile summits and conferences throughout Europe, the US and beyond.

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