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3/12/2018 — Gold
Strategic awaits clearances for NZ work
By Ross Louthean

The Perth-based listed pool development fund Strategic Elements Ltd (ASX: SOR) is still awaiting regulatory and other access agreements to undertake further work on the Golden Blocks gold project at the top of New Zealand’s South Island.

Strategic told shareholders at its recent annual meeting it was planning to apply new technology to this historic goldfield where the targets included the high-grade Aorangi gold mine that was worked by the old-timers.

Golden Blocks has not often been in the regular company reports by Strategic, and the last presentation on this area occurred at the 2018 AusIMM NZ Mining Conference at Tauranga.

The annual meeting was given a progress report on the company’s grass roots gold and base metals quest in Australia’s Officer Basin where a ring feature has been identified, and also the company’s gold quest in Western Australia’s Pilbara where 16 nuggets were uncovered in recent work.

An update report by the company detailed a high-grade assay from the Pilbara leases.

Strategic is also working with the University of New South Wales on nanocube memory ink which can be printed or coated onto non-silicon transparent or flexible services.

ASX Pooled Development Fund presentation.

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